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Your National Wholesale Packaging Team

Although P3 Distributing sounds very corporate, it actually began as Pat’s Pot Packaging, and owner Patrick Caldwell is still very involved – supervising every order and making sure the personal touch and attention to detail never wavers.

When you work in an industry that demands quality and affordability above all else, you need packaging that lives up to those standards each and every time. P3 Distributing has become this state and industry’s leading wholesale packaging supplies & distribution team through hard work and a commitment to what we do. Now, we are offering that same work ethic and experience to you. Our products and services are now available to businesses throughout The United States!

What Makes Us Different

Consumer experience and a love for not only the products our supplies are used to package and ship, but for the people on both sides of the industry who are committed to helping businesses grow and expand. We do things differently because our focus is on helping your business, the industry as a whole, each consumer, and even the environment if we can.

Our team brings a combined decades of experience in the industry and knows what the consumer demands of packaging and what the business needs to protect its products and ensure a long-term relationship with that consumer. You have so much competition right now and each package needs to protect your product and ensure long-term quality for each consumer. We understand that responsibility and take it very seriously.

You Grow, We Grow!

One of the things we take great pride in is that many of our earliest customers are still with us. That’s because we make a commitment to your business and we work with you to not only provide you with great products, but any assistance we can to help your business meet demands. The better your business does, the more success we have with you and we know that commitment starts with the very first shipment.

Let’s Talk About Recycling

One thing you will notice throughout our site, our favorite topic is about recycling. We are proud of our recycling efforts in Oregon that have had a major impact on not only the industry, but the local environment as people have not only made a greater commitment to our recycling efforts, but their own as well. We believe that this industry shows people a better way to not only live, but to work together to accomplish goals. In a short time, we have accomplished so much in our home state and we are now focused on bringing that success to the entire industry throughout the nation.
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