What Makes Us Different

P3 Distributing was founded in 2016 as a partnership by father and son Don and Patrick Caldwell. Since then, we have become one of the industry’s top cannabis wholesale package suppliers. And while we started in Oregon, our products and commitment to service is something that dispensaries throughout the country now appreciate and benefit from. And because we are also consumers, we’re constantly aware of how packaging impacts the customer and the positive (or negative) difference it can make for a dispensary’s business.

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So far, we’ve been right and we are proud to be an important part of one of the fastest growing industries in the country. We are long-term medical patients, growers, customers and experts in compliance under the OLCC. That’s what makes us different from other packaging companies you may meet. 

At P3 Distributing, our commitment is not to the packaging we sell, but to the products that you need to package and ship around the country. Your customers, which may include ourselves, are demanding high-quality with each and every order. That means it is as much our responsibility to help maintain those products as it is yours. 

Let’s Talk About Recycling

Our team has made a full commitment to recycling and our success has shown throughout the state of Oregon. We offer a variety of assistance in this field and can help you to improve your own recycling efforts and make it something your customers can get involved with as well. 

We believe that this industry is a community where consumers and businesses need to work together to show the rest of the world how it can be done. With great service and quality products that remain affordable and easy to access, consumers are not only committed to their favorite brands, but they are committed to helping support the industry as a whole. We believe that recycling can be one of the greatest benefits of that support and we have created several local programs that have been a great success. Now we are bringing our success in recycling, and wholesale packaging supplies, to the entire nation. 

However, we cannot do it without you and our great team! 

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Meet Our Team

Patrick Caldwell


Patrick joined Oregon’s cannabis industry in 2014 as a medical patient and started P3 soon after recreational legalization in 2016.

Patrick came from a customer service background and built P3 on a backbone of local service and delivery.  It is interaction with his customers, new and long-term, and drives him to build P3 every day.

As a master recycler Patrick is a member of the metro community.  Master recyclers volunteer and spread information on recycling practices in the tricounty area.

Ian Arkwright


Consistently bringing a positive attitude to the recycling division, Ian loves to work hard and save the world every day.

As a full time recycler Ian spends his days sorting and grinding plastics to help give them a second life.

Ian loves to game and plays both video and live RPGs.  So much so that he’s learning Japanese and plans to travel to where it all began.

Lindsey Nicholson

Office Manager
Account Manager : Remote Oregon

Lindsey manages our office with a deft hand that helps with the massive task of reigning in the books in a cannabis business.  Originally an accounts receivable clerk Lindsey quickly grew into an Office manager that wears countless hats, she also now manages customers from Ontario to Ashland.

Lindsey is a positive spirit in the office and she brings her healing skills to bare with her other job making tinctures and salves from mother earth’s library of herbs.

Tony Schuh

Warehouse Manager

Tony came from the industry as a budtender working for a small shop in St John’s and moonlighting as “Gregor Petrov” in the amateur professional wrestling scene.

Growing from a UPS clerk to P3’s warehouse manager over his first couple years Tony has shown his aptitude for keeping our warehouse stocked.  His pride is making sure every order is filled in full and on time.

Tony loves to fish and spends as much time as possible with his young son.

Dany Martinez

Account Manager : South

Dany is a Portland area native who manages a big territory covering Salem to Cottage Grove and everything in between.

Dany makes the trip to Eugene five days a week and loves the relationships he’s built.  

An auto enthusiast, Dany works on cars in his free time and applies his mechanical skills to keep his customers running smooth

Riley Hunter

Division Manager - P3 Recycling
Account Manager : N/NE PDX

Riley is many things at P3.  Riley manages the recycling department that he has helped build since 2018.  Riley is also the account manager for the entire east side of Portland out to The Dalles.

Outside of work Riley is a true homesteader.  His home  is also the home of chickens, pigs, dogs, goats and even a cow or two.   His passion for personal independence and connection to his environment has grown his farm providing fresh local sustenance for him, his neighbors and even the P3 staff.

Faith Frost


Faith is our seasoned full time recycler having single handedly saved tens of thousand of pounds from the landfill. 

Every day Faith sorts and cleans packaging for recycling and reuse helping P3 save the world.  She loves to work behind the scenes supporting our recycling program.

Her creative side flows when she’s practicing one of her favorite hobbies and cooking something with her own personal twist.

Nick Hargrove

Account Manager - West / South PDX

Nick handles the South and West side of the metro area with the same precision and dedication he earned through is service in the US Army.  P3 is proud of its resident Vet and Nick proves his mettle daily by delivering product on time and keeping you as his number one priority.

Nick is a contract(though fairly exclusive I hear) videographer and loves to spend the time he doesn’t give to his young family editing his favorite clips 

Finuviel Schwantes

Delivery Driver - Remote Oregon

Finn is a man in love with the beauty he encounters on the road. He came to Oregon from the Midwest and is one who appreciates the land and cityscapes alike.

As P3’s remote driver Finn travels from corner to corner of Oregon collecting recycling and delivering supplies to dispensaries often overnight and always with a smile.

Grey Simkins

Business Development Manager

Grey is a seasoned member of the cannabis community having spent many years in extraction and with his passion for building long term relationships with customers he’s helping P3 grow.

Whether it be a marathon or your next custom project Grey is driven by goals.  Using the same persistence needed for 26.2 Grey will help every customer succeed.





Manager - Joy and Energy Division

Corabel is our office’s official source of daily joy and energy.  She joined the team in 2023 and is now our official greeter. 

Cora loves people and wants to be greeted by everyone each morning.

Come pick up your order and meet her!