Recyclethon 2024 : a Month of Success for Earth Day

April is a month of celebration in Cannabis.  For 4/20 every year we have supported the cannabis industry and we wanted to show our love for the planet by having our own event to celebrate sustainable packaging in our industry.

Thus Recyclethon was born!  For the month of April P3 challenges its Portland stores to collect as much recycling as possible in a competition designed to spread awareness about our recycling program and increase participation by our retailers to show what kind of effect an incentive can have on returns.

P3 works with licensees across the state and offers their recycling program year round to its customers with boxes currently available for free to everyone in more than 450 retailers.  These receptacles accept #5 plastic packaging that can’t be recycled anywhere else as well as glass jars, paper, and metal packaging from the cannabis industry.

In Portland there are more than 130 stores with boxes available to their customers and more than 30 of those stores chose to participate in this year’s Recyclethon.  These stores included many familiar brands with chains of locations, but primarily is composed of those Oregon grown local businesses.  

Returns ranged from as low as 8 lbs for the month to as high as our winner who brought in 174.1 lbs from 1 single location.

In total we returned more than 2,250 lbs of plastic for our recycling program during the month of April.  This is a huge 34% increase over our usual average monthly intake.  Specifically our participants brought in more than 873 lbs of return just in the City of Portland.  

This massive increase is proof that an incentive can greatly increase the intake of a recycling program.  We encourage all of our stores to continue the spirit of Recyclethon and offer a rebate on their purchases for bringing in recyclable packaging.

This year we had some great honorable mentions bringing in more than 30 pounds each.  Coming in strong in second place is the Bridge City Collective location on N Williams.  With two stores BCC truly brands as a  “collective” and passionately participates in their community.  This shop brought in more than 90 lbs of recycling in 1 month and we are hugely proud of them!

Home Grown Apothecary is a single location shop and offers a beautiful unique aesthetic nestled comfortably in a humble space.  They also crushed it with more than 86 lbs of packaging coming in showing that they’re on the sustainability map.

This year’s winner with more than 174 lbs from a single location is Jayne dispensary.  A locally owned shop Jayne prides itself on being a strong part of its community.

It is no surprise that with strong Budtending and communication they were able to win themselves free shipping on all orders, no minimum of course, for an entire year!

Together we can #savetheworld

The bottle bill recently announced its massive success with more than an 80% return on their packaging that is sponsored by the state.  80% of the bottles sold in their program are being returned.  That is proof alone that incentive programs work.

The P3 Recyclethon is sponsored solely by P3 Distributing and is significantly smaller in scope only working with retailers in Portland’s city limits.  With only this small portion of retailers we were able to see over 30% increase in returns to our bins.

Imagine if retailers were incentivized by their local municipality to recycle through discounted fees.  That is exactly what we are working on.  Our goal is for recycling to be in every retailer in the state receiving a discount in fees for their participation.

We could see this as a realty in the future.  P3 has been working with the City of Portland on a program like this for more than a year and they are dragging their feet.

Reach out to your local government, city, county, and state representatives.  Tell them you want the cannabis industry in Oregon to lead the way on packaging sustainability.  Tell them you want to see incentives for retailers.

I’ll be sending the word out as much as I can but with your help we can #savetheworld

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