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Recyclethon Results 2
Recyclethon Results

Join the first industry recycling competition!

Recyclethon is a competition between retail stores in the city of Portland. During the month of April stores will compete to collect the most recyclables from their customers. Stores will use discounts and other incentives to encourage participation.

P3 recycles on average 1600 lbs of plastic per month. Our goal is to more than double our intake to 4200 lbs.

Our New Partner!

For a limited time only Ridwell is a home recycling option for your #5 cannabis bottles!

  • From April 17th to April 30th Ridwell will collect these items as a featured category.

  • Ridwell helps you waste less by picking up reusable and hard-to-recycle items, such as plastic film, clothing, lightbulbs, #1 clamshells, Styrofoam, and more right from your front door.

  • Ridwell partners with local companies, like P3, and non-profit organizations to ensure your stuff is recycled responsibly or reused within your community

  • Sign up now using our Recyclethon QR Code to get 10% off your membership!

Ridwell QR code for P3 Recyclethon


Our average stores usually bring in around 10 to 15 pounds on average per month. Every contribution is good for the environment and some stores bring upwards of 40 pounds per month. This is our first year running the recyclethon but we are hoping for an average of 30 pounds per store so get the word out to your customers!

We will come to each competing store at the end of March to prepare for the competition. Each store will turn in before April 1st to ensure a fair start.